TAF spends most of its time and effort to inform and educate the
general public on the dangers of plastic pollution. 

We want to bring together children and adults to participate in our ambition towards making our planet a cleaner and healthier place to live in, through fun, instructive and educative activities.

The activities we propose have the aim of raising awareness on plastic waste and its impact on our oceans if not recycled. 

The world is becoming increasingly aware of the high amounts of plastic floating on the surface of or in the ocean, laying on the beaches, and causing detrimental impacts to the Earth’s wildlife. 

We are witnessing an upsurge of scientific studies, movies and documentaries
demonstrating that plastic which ends up in the ocean eventually ends up on our plates.

We want to promote a plastic free lifestyle by replacing water bottles and other plastic utensils that take part in our daily routines with more sustainable materials.

Equipped with a strong team of all ages and diverse backgrounds, TAF - The Animal Fund desires to continue to educate and inspire others to SAY NO TO PLASTIC!

For more information on our fight against plastic, please review the ‘Plastic Campaign’ section on our website at: https://theanimalfund.net/en/projects/

Review the video from Monaco Info from our first campaign at:


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