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Based in Geneva, La Maison de Tara is a non profit, secular foundation offering an alternative to hospitalisation for people nearing the end of life. They are unable to stay at home, but wish to spend their final days in a non-medical atmosphere surrounded by warmth, care and tenderness…. a real home from home.

We offer anyone who is seriously ill, young or old, a place to stay and
be cared for in a family atmosphere. We commit to give each resident the same quality of care that a family would at their home.

The opportunity to care for a loved one often helps to lessen the emotional suffering caused by serious illness. However, increasingly in our society, some people do not have a family or social network that is sufficiently wide to offer this possibility. Our aim, therefore, is to offer people in this position the support they need at a time of great vulnerability.

We have a 24 hour presence of staff and well trained volunteers to ensure the comfort and security of residents. Medical and other
health professionals who have been looking after these residents when they were at home can continue this care when they are at La Maison de Tara.

Whilst the medical costs of the residents are covered by their medical insurance, all other costs have to be met by charitable donations and include the expenses related to core professional and administrative staff as well as other requirements for the day-to-day running of the house.

We therefore depend greatly on the contributions of our many skilled volunteers, which substantially reduce our running costs. However, the rate charged for each resident’s stay is only 50% of our real costs. So, without donors, La Maison de Tara would be simply unable to function. We really need your support so please either click on ‘donate’ or create your own personal fundraising page to start fundraising to help us.

We would like to thank you now for making your generous donation, which will help to ensure that other families and friends continue to benefit from the lovely service that La Maison de Tara offers.

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3 Fundraiser projects

Gav's ride for La Maison de Tara

By Steve McDonald

I will be cycling 178km around Lac du Leman to raise money for La Maison de Tara, the hospice tha...

68.2% Completed
SFr682 raised
SFr1,000 Target

Bike Ride for Maison de Tara

By Sasha Dickinson

In May 2018 I will be cycling 178km around Lac du Leman to raise money for La Maison de Tara.

100% Completed
SFr2,415 raised
SFr2,000 Target

Gav's ride for La Maison de Tara

By Jay Partridge

In May 2018 we will be cycling 178km around Lac du Leman to raise money for La Maison de Tara.

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SFr2,972 raised
SFr3,000 Target