Stop Child Marriage; Promote Girl Education


Join us in stopping child marriage to 21 vulnerable teenager girls in Nkaiti,Tanzania - and educating 14000 community members on the adverse effects of child marriage. Strategically implementing the program within four most impoverished villages; Unique Development for Future Organization (UDF) is advocating to eradicate child marriage and promote girl education. We educate on sexual reproductive health and providing scholastic material, sanitary product, school uniform, shoes, bicycle and more.

Nkaiti Ward with its four villages in Manyara Region,Tanzania; is affected by child marriages as 34% of girls are married before reaching the 18 years old. Child Marriages violates girl's rights to health, education and opportunity. It exposes girls to violence throughout their lives. Nkaiti's community lack the knowledge about the effect of child marriages, and the vulnerable families cant afford to provide school supplies to their teenager girls so they prefer child marriage with a bride price

We educate 14,000 Nkaiti's community members about the adverse effects of child marriage. Teach sexual and reproductive health education in schools and communities. Providing school supplies, including school uniform,socks,shoes,undergarment, bicycle and sanitary products to 21 vulnerable teenager girls. Providing hens to each vulnerable families of 21 vulnerable teenager girls for enable them to secure some addition fund to support their daughter in school.

Your support will have a direct impact to 14,000 individual community member to stop child marriages, and 21 vulnerable teenager girls to delay marriages and remain in school. And it's only through partners like you that our programming is possible. Donations help our staff provide, education, school supplies and so much more. With your support, we can continue providing essential services to those who need them most. Thank you for helping us end child marriages in Nkaiti - Tanzania

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