Ending Child Marriages Everywhere (ECME)


Child marriages violates girls’ rights to health, education and opportunity. It exposes girls to violence throughout their lives, and traps them in a cycle of ill-health and poverty. Adolescent pregnancies remains a major contributor to maternal mortality, infant mortality, child mortality, fistula and to the circle of ill-health and poverty. Adolescent pregnancy and child marriages hinder the achievement of six goals of 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) About 8,000 girls in Tanzania drop out of school each year due to pregnancy, according to Human Right Watch,2014


According to Research on Poverty Alleviation (REPOA) 2017; Child marriage survey of Tanzania shows that, 34% of girls are married before reaching the 18 years old in Manyara Region.


To end child marriage in Manyara Region and empower teenager and youth to become the greatest version of themselves


In the next 12 month our organisation will provide a combination of community education, in school and out of school mentorship, and funding to enable 150 disadvantaged teenager girls who are at risk of child marriages to delay marriage and remain in school.

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