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The Edmund Rice Justice Desk

The Justice Desk is a human rights NGO that fights against gender-based violence, human trafficking and other human rights violations in South Central Africa.

In 2013, and incredible young man called Loyiso came to the organisation for help, after being stigmatized for his HIV positive status. He was not able to access medication due to his family's poverty stricken situation.

Loyiso went on to lead The Justice Desk's HIV Campaign, which challenged stigma, and gave young people the support they needed to get tested. He became a volunteer, intern and eventual member of the team.

Loyiso was the heart and soul of The Justice Desk, and as a result, hundreds of thousands of lives have been changed.

On the 7th July 2019, after years of fighting, Loyiso passed away, leaving behind a younger sister and mother Zoleka. 

Loyiso's sister is sickly, and as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown, Zoleka has found it virtually impossible to find work and pay for food, housing and the medical bills of her daughter.

Zoleka is an incredibly creative person, and has been creating Justice Desk bracelets which are worn across the globe. She always did this out of the kindness of her heart - but in 2020, The Justice Desk jumped in and employed Zoleka to make these bracelets twice a week.

Zoleka has gone on to create hundreds of stunning bracelets and other crafts in memory of Loyiso. They have been worn across the globe, spreading a message of love, hope and our dream for a just and equal world!

We are confident that if we properly invest in Zoleka, she will continue to do incredible things, and continue to be able to support her daughter!

We also know that Loyiso would want this more than ever.

Please help us employ Zoleka by making a donation to this campaign.

If we raise $2,000 - we could employ her for 2 days per week,

If we manage to raise $6,300 - we could employ her full time for an entire year.

Please help us make this dream a reality and change a life. After all the lives that Loyiso changed in his short 23 years of life - this is the least we can do in return.

Thank you!

The Edmund Rice Justice Desk
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