Your Kids Are NOT Covid's Lost Generation
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Covid has touched every part of society. While today’s young people are among those least likely to die from the virus, research shows that many fear their future has been destroyed by the pandemic. Following the disruption of their education, the media has branded the younger generation as ‘Covid’s Lost Generation’. 

Tony Gearing MBE, an ex-Fleet Street journalist who founded the charity YOPEY to give young people a fairer image in the media, decided this is another example of his former industry giving the younger generation a bad press.

In his publication ‘Your Kids Are NOT Covid’s Lost Generation’ he has written the true stories of young adults who have had tragedies and major setbacks in their lives and how they overcame them. 

"While covid is terrible, partly because we are all going through the pandemic together, we all have huge difficulties in our lives that we have to overcome. Every young person in ‘Your Kids Are NOT Covid’s Lost Generation’ has an inspiring story to tell," said Tony. "I hope their stories help your kids realise they too will get their lives back on track."

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