Meals on Wheels Community Services South Africa
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Meals on Wheels Community Services

Meals on Wheels Community Services is a multi-faceted welfare service aimed at helping the less fortunate of South Africa to live in dignity and relative comfort. The service includes Old-Age Homes, Frail-Care Centers, Service Centers For Senior Citizens, and the well known Meals on Wheels For The Aged meal delivery service - and much more. Please see our website at

All of these services function under the umbrella of Meals on Wheels Community Services, a fully registered non-profit organization that operates under the government registration number 070-786 NPO.

At this time we are serving in excess of 29 million meals per annum to the poorest of the poor throughout South Africa. This is done via over 700 branches and utilizing over 220 vehicles.

None of this would be possible if it were not for the support of over 1400 voluntary helpers and people like you who open their hearts to those less fortunate than themselves.

Thank you for caring. We salute you for your kindness.

Meals on Wheels Community Services
73 Cypress Avenue
South Africa
Telephone: 27163622561
Registration #: 070-786 NPO
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