World Youth Wildlife Summit 2019
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African Conservation Trust

The goal of this World Youth Wildlife Summit is to produce a lasting impact and ensure that the next generation of conservation leaders are empowered, equipped, engaged and educated to face the crippling realities of rhino poaching and all forms of wildlife crime.

Hosted at the SA Wildlife College, in the Kruger National Park, the World Youth Wildlife Summit will bring together 150 youth leaders from Africa and the world and empower them to become local, national and international ambassadors for wildlife conservation.

The platform provides a forum for passionate youth, aged 15 - 18, to engage with conservation experts and experience African wildlife first hand. These youth delegates will be challenged to work together to directly address the current threats of wildlife crime and to develop possible solutions to the problems identified.

Date and Location:

21 – 24 September 2019 (over World Rhino Day, 22 September)
SA Wildlife College, Kruger National Park, South Africa

Purpose & Mission:

To engage youth conservation leaders in wildlife conservation and protection strategies and empower delegates to become local, national and international Ambassadors for wildlife and conservation and influence policy at local, state, national and international levels.

A Youth Summit is an educational event requiring active and committed participation. The Summit partners will host World Youth Wildlife Summits every 2 years from 2019, to ensure ongoing support and interaction.


  • To Sound: A worldwide call to action by the youth to save wildlife, led by Africa’s young conservation leaders. 
  • To Send: Key ‘hearts and minds’ messages from the youth to CITES, the UN and African and international leaders. 
  • To Attract: National and international media and public attention. 
  • To Shape: 150 young leaders to become future global wildlife & conservation ambassadors. 
  • To Inspire:  The next generation to build a biodiversity economy.
  • To Extend: Knowledge of wildlife conservation, protection & anti-poaching initiatives.


Delegates have been asked to raise a minimum of R3000 or US$200 to attend the Summit. However, the full cost of hosting each delegate is R15,000 (approx. US$1000). If you are able to give more than the options listed here, please contact to find out about our Sponsorship packages.

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