CHANGING the lives of 10,000 South African children
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WISE - Wellbeing In Schools & Education

WISE NGO (Wellbeing In Schools & Education) provides training to teachers who work with vulnerable children. The training offers wellbeing skills for both themselves and the children they teach including mindfulness, emotional intelligence and self love practices. Through educator feedback and observation tools, rapid and profoundly positive behaviour changes have been noted.  Teachers notice kids changing from hyper active, destructive, noisy, distracted and violent to becoming calmer, more co-operative, grateful, focussed and more grounded. They are also becoming kinder to each other with reduced bullying and more hugs! The training covers 2 intensive training modules over a 3 to 4 month period which includes follow up sessions, ongoing support, integration of skills and encouragement throughout, as well as 4 practical psychologically designed resources materials for use in classrooms.

$125,000 will positively change up to 10,000 children lives with wellbeing, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, gratitude and yoga! With more than 50 schools and 250 teachers benefitting.

WISE - Wellbeing In Schools & Education
Cape Town
South Africa
Telephone: 0027760224475
Registration #: NPC reg nr is : K2017248459