Unlocking Love During Lockdown
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Triangle Project

LGBTIQ+ People Need Your Help During Lockdown!
Triangle Project provides basic and essential services to over 300 LGBTIQ+ people at any time and the lockdown means this is not just any time. Our clients are some of the most vulnerable people in South Africa, with many living with compromised health or in informal housing. They were living in crisis before we all began living in national disaster. 

Now your support is more important than ever! The demand on our services is huge and our ability to provide essentials to everyone who needs them is running out. 

For many LGBTIQ+ people, there is nowhere to safely self-isolate. Younger people may have been cruelly kicked out of their family homes while others face a daily threat of violence. Without our help, many LGBTIQ+ people are facing this crisis alone. 

What we're asking

Any donation is appreciated! 
Your money goes further than you think and R120 covers a one-month nutrition hamper. For R170 the hamper includes essential toiletries and for just R320 you can help cover the cost of a full nutrition and toiletries bag and the cost of our nurse's home-care visit. 
All the money raised from this campaign will go towards our client services, so every donation counts! 

Who we are

Triangle Project is a non-profit human rights organisation, offering professional services to ensure the full realization of constitutional and human rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) persons, their partners and families.Currently the organisation is providing basic and essential services to around 300 LGBTIQ+ persons.  

Triangle Project
2nd Floor, Leadership House
Corner Burg and Shortmarket Streets
Cape Town
South Africa
Telephone: 27214220255
Registration #: 003-971 NPO
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