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We are in regular daily contact with our colleagues in Kyiv Pride and Kharkiv Pride. They are in urgent need for funds to support their community and their activists and to keep them safe and so we launched a fundraising appeal to raise funds to aid their safety, evacuation to a place of safety where this is possible, and for the purchase of immediate needs such as food and medicine. The money can be used by either organisation to support LGBTI+ individuals anywhere in Ukraine.

Within 36 hours of the invasion, EPOA made immediate donations from our Solidarity Fund to Kyiv Pride and Kharkiv Pride. But EPOA’s donation is only a contribution to their wider needs.

We invite the community to make donations to support the activists in Ukraine. 100% of donations will go to Kyiv Pride and Kharkiv Pride; EPOA does not take any fee. We have been verified by Vespia to show that you can trust your donation to us.

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