Transforming Lives through Sustainable Agriculture
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KEL Growing Nations Trust

31% of Lesotho’s population is food insecure. The already significant challenges of climate change, poor soils and severe erosion have been exacerbated by COVID-19, which has resulted in higher unemployment, rising food inflation (up 8% from February 2020) and increased food insecurity within the country.

Growing Nations trains & equips farmers in Lesotho using 'Farming God's Way', Conservation Agriculture methods.  Farmers, community groups, young people and pastors are all equipped with knowledge, allowing them to use the resources they already have, whilst incorporating climate smart agriculture to reduce the impact of climate change, minimise soil erosion and improve food security.

Growing Nations ‘Farming God’s Way’ training incorporates:

  • Conservation Agriculture methods underpinned by key biblical principles,
  • Transformational Development, and
  • Agri-business and leadership skills.

The training is carried out at the Growing Nations Demonstration Farm and in the communities where the individuals/groups are based & through farmer exchange visits.  This allows people to see for themselves how Conservation Agriculture works in practice, to learn from others who have already adopted it and also allows training to be adapted to their particular circumstances.  The Growing Nations team continue to support farmers who have been trained over a number of years, carrying out follow up visits to provide advice & additional training and working with farmers as they themselves provide training to people in their own communities.

The funding received through this campaign will be used by Growing Nations to continue its farmer training and help it to expand its area of operation by working in setting up demonstration plots in all districts across Lesotho to allow more lives to be transformed through Sustainable Agriculture.

    For more information about Growing Nations please visit the Growing Nations website

    KEL Growing Nations Trust
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