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African Pangolin Working Group

The African Pangolin Working Group has a proven track record in the retrieval and release of illegally traded pangolins since 2011.  As we follow their trail post release, we can keep an eye on every animal for up to two years, giving us the leading edge on release protocols and an opportunity to create genetically diverse populations in safe areas, where they may continue to survive. Tracking equipment is our biggest expense @ R24 000 per pangolin to begin with and replacement telemetry every three months for ongoing observation of each animal. We can’t sustain the expense without your generous contributions and your belief in our successful application in this this extremely specialised field. Thank you!

Pangolins, belonging to the order Pholidota, are now considered the most illegally trafficked mammal globally. Excessive demand, especially for use in traditional medicines, has reached unsustainable levels. Africa is currently the focus of poaching due to the collapse of Asian pangolin populations. 

The African Pangolin Working Group is a registered NGO, legally mandated to work with pangolins by the office of the Director Biodiversity of the Department of Forestry and Fisheries of the South African Government.

African Pangolin Working Group
107 Rowles Road
South Africa
Telephone: 0845172484
Registration #: 2021 / 943844 / 08
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