Tongaat branch requires urgent assistance with flood damage
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PROTEC-Programme for Technological Careers


PROTEC TONGAAT is based in Maidstone, Tongaat. Thanks to Tongaat Hulett we have use of 3 buildings, rent free, which house our office, ICT Centre and 2 classrooms.

Sadly, as with much of KZN, the buildings were severely damaged by the April floods. Both classrooms have severe leaks, which have damaged the ceilings and walls. The leaks in the toilet of both classrooms are particularly bad, causing damp in the walls and ceilings. The leak next to the electricity box in Classroom 1 is of particular concern as the power trips when water gets behind it. In addition to the ceiling in classroom 1 being in danger of collapsing, the damp in all 3 venues could become a health hazard.

We are dependent on these facilities to run our Saturday and Vacation School programmes. Any assistance in getting them restored would be hugely appreciated.

PROTEC-Programme for Technological Careers
Unit 4 and 5, The Ferns, 364 Pretoria Avenue
South Africa
Telephone: 0113391451
Registration #: 001-335