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#TheFutureWeWant and why PfP is needed
Our aim with the #TheFutureWeWant campaign is to create a vision of what is possible in South Africa if we all come together. Research tells us that one of the main characteristics of successful schools is a capacitated and energized school principal. What if we galvanize South Africans from all walks of life to join this campaign in its mission to support principals in leading effectively?

Most school principals in South Africa face formidable leadership challenges including inadequate school infrastructure and learning resources, demotivated teachers, impoverished learners and communities who feel disenfranchised and disillusioned.

In contrast, South Africa has thousands of businesses and business leaders who have been well-equipped by their organisations to assume leadership positions and manage change.

If we acknowledge that sound school leadership is a key driver of quality education, then tapping into the vast business expertise on offer appears to be the obvious solution. PfP does exactly this – partnering socially conscious business leaders with well-honed leadership skills, with school principals so that they can become agents of change and find their own solutions to the problems their schools face.

The fact that school principals have an impact on every single learner and teacher makes the development of this group of leaders both sustainable and cost-effective, with far-reaching impact.

How does PfP work?
The multi-award winning, internationally recognised programme features the key elements of professional coaching, five-days of world-class training workshops over the course of the year, practical leadership development exposure in a marginalised South African school and regular learning and networking opportunities for principals and business leaders. Through partnerships, principals will gain the requisite skills needed to confidently lead change and mobilise communities around their schools, while business leaders will be able to hone their own leadership skills within a complex and challenging school environment.

The PfP programme is also recognised by the South African Council for Educators which awards 20 Continuous Professional Development points to participating principals.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the programme will be rolled out virtually using various digital communication platforms.

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