The Cradle of Hope
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The Cradle of Hope

THE CRADLE OF HOPE is an independent social upliftment and community development organization that helps women and children in desperate need while simultaneously filling needs in the community, as identified. We offer HELP and HOPE regardless of race or religion, offering a “HAND-UP” and not a “HAND-OUT” BECAUSE WE CARE!!

As a result of plowing all profits made into the sustainability of our ever-increasing programs and projects, and because we do things in an innovative and focused manner, we have been going now for 14 years with NO Government funding.

We are fully registered and all our documentation is available on request.

• NPC : 2007/030236/08
• NPO : 062-511
• PBO : 930 027 742
• VAT : 4760248593
• BBBEE – Level 1

Our Vision
Empowering less fortunate, disabled, jobless, educated or uneducated persons, to lead a meaningful and dignified life so that they can become independent individuals.

Our Mission
Providing our in-house beneficiaries with safe housing, healthy nutrition, assistance to obtain medical services, education, skills training, creative recreation, also emotional and spiritual development on a sustainable basis. To address the needs in the community by providing daily meals and monthly food parcels to those in need.

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Our HOUSE OF RESTORATION, established in 2010, is situated in West-Krugersdorp. This is a safe haven and a place of empowerment for destitute, vulnerable, and abused women and their children. They come to us from all over the country, and have often been the victims of domestic violence, abuse, sexual trauma, and human trafficking; many turned to addiction and prostitution. They all have one desire in common: To let go of their past and build a better future – for themselves, and for their children. We believe that a mother’s own well-being and stability play a crucial role in the well-being of her children, family and community.

At our HOUSE OF RESTORATION, we temporarily accommodate mothers together with their children, thus keeping the family unit intact.


The Community Feeding Program came about when hungry adults and children started coming to our HOUSE OF RESTORATION asking for food. Our Community Feeding Scheme provides a meal to around 2,000 hungry and destitute people every week. Currently, we use 1200 loaves of bread, 40kg of chicken, fresh vegetables, and other soup ingredients PER WEEK.

For this reason, we are always in need of bread, peanut butter and jam or other spreads, margarine, and fresh fruit as well as soup and stew ingredients.
We receive ZERO government funding.

For more info contact Ronél Snyman: on +27 72 823 3525 /

The Cradle of Hope
40 Nellie Street
Krugersdorp West
South Africa
Telephone: 27762620452
Registration #: NPO 062-511
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