Jump in at The Freedom Swim for Arms of Mercy NPC
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Arms of Mercy NPC

The Freedom Swim is the annual crossing form the iconic Robben Island to
mainland South Africa. The amazing swim is around 7.5km in water temperature of 13C-15C, and offers an unparalleled challenge to open water swimmers. It combines the beauty and challenge of Robben Island and Table Mountain, both world-renowned sites, and the view all the way through your swim is heartwarming with Table Mountain beauty!

Please visit The Freedom Swim 2023-2024 event page and set up your own fundraising project in support of Arms of Mercy NPC, a non-profitable charity organisation who lends a helping hand with the medical expenses of children who are living with cancer, rare diseases, cerebral palsy and special needs in South Africa. Learn more about Arms of Mercy NPC and what we do at www.armsofmercy.org.za. Supporting Arms of Mercy is an opportunity to help give someone a better quality life, and a brighter future.


"Robben Island crossing has been an epic swim for many years. The Swim is
held annually to symbolise South Africa's Freedom Day and Democracy on
27 April 1994. It is considered the “Everest” of every open water
swimmer in South Africa and known as one of the hardest extreme cold
open water swims in the world. The Freedom Swim Wave Series ("FSWS")
season starts at 1 May every year and ends on 27 April the following
year. Exactly on Freedom Day.To make your swim even more meaningful, click on "Start fundraising" to raise funds for your favourite charity!"


Arms of Mercy NPC
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