TEARS Sleepathon 2021
R 262,538
Raised in South African rand
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The TEARS 2021 Sleepathon is underway! 

Check out the Snoozers' Projects and donate to any one of these amazing animal lovers who are raising funds for a cause that they believe in leading up to the night that they will come to TEARS Animal Rescue and spend the night either at the Kennels with the dogs or at the Cattery with the cats. 

By spending the night at the shelter with animals, our snoozers are facing a real challenge! The night begins with our Snoozers arriving here and meeting their cuddle buddies for the night. Bonds form quickly and laps are quickly occupied by furry, pouncy, slobbery bundles of love. For many of these dogs and cats, it is the first night that they have spent in the arms of a human and it is the first taste that they will get of a loving home. 

Support the beautiful gift of love that these Sleepathon participants will give to not only the animals that they cuddle all night, but to the animals that we have not yet been able to reach. Support their amazing gesture of love and compassion by donating to their project today.

4 Lekkerwater Road
Cape Town
South Africa
Telephone: 27217854482
Registration #: 044-441-NPO
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