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Rare Diseases South Africa

It’s us again. Offending people with our explicit language.

But here is the thing - there is a vulnerable group of people fondly known as rare disease patients. They are sore. They are sick. They are isolated. They are battling. And, like all of us, they will die, but unlike all of us, they will die without dignity. Simply because they won a genetic lottery that gave them a condition that “costs too much money”. Now THAT is OFFENSIVE!

These patients are being ignored. Our medical aids are turning a blind eye, and our government is still trying to find

In South Africa, we have no formalized Rare Diseases policy. If we can raise enough (R100 million to be exact), we will be able to kick start a risk equalization fund which will spread the cost of treating these diseases evenly across the private and public sectors.
It will also allow us to centralize procurement giving us buyers advantage and bargaining power to better negotiate pricing.

Yes, it’s ambitious. But we believe our patients deserve access to healthcare.

So on the Tuesday 30 nov, #GivingTuesday We are asking you to swear. A lot. And then donate for doing it. Because this little fund needs a few #Fucks to move it off the starting blocks.

www.givefucks.org #ProfanitiesForPurpose

Rare Diseases South Africa
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