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Counselling Station Odysseas

The Odysseas Consulting Station is a non-profit organization that aims to offer prevention and counseling services in the field of dependencies. The programs and services offered are under the scientific supervision of KENTHEA and are approved by the Cyprus Delegation of Cyprus. The Odysseas Consulting Station is a partnership of the Limassol Municipalities and all services are offered free of charge. Treatment area The treatment sector offers services in cases involving the use of illicit psychotropic substances (eg cannabis, cocaine, etc.), legitimate psychotropic substances (eg alcohol and cigarette) but also in addictive behaviors (e.g. gambling and electronic games). In particular, the following services are offered:

  • Information and guidance on issues related to dependencies and the treatment of addictions.
  • Mobilize the person and stabilize the decision for treatment / detoxification.
  • Advisory support during drug rehabilitation.
  • Developing skills to tackle everyday difficulties and social reintegration.
  • Counseling support for families of dependent persons.
  • The process of joining people is easy and without bureaucratic procedures (with a meeting phone call, instantly).
Counselling Station Odysseas
Griva Digeni 43, Office 3
Telephone: 25334422
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