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Stop Rhino Poaching NPC is proud to be channeling your donations, 100% of which goes towards the work of Kruger Ranger, K9 Ranger and iMfolozi Ranger as filmed in STROOP - Journey into the Rhino Horn War. 

STROOP - Journey into the Rhino Horn War tells the shocking and touching story of the ongoing poaching of the rhinoceros and the trade in its coveted horn.

"The only thing standing between a rhino and a poacher is a ranger. He must be trained, he must be equipped, and he must be led." This quote stands true for every rhino ranger who carries on his/her shoulders the responsibility of saving a species. 

Kruger Ranger, K9 Ranger and iMfolozi Ranger have faced the relentless poaching onslaught head on, despite the danger and great personal cost.

By donating towards the requirements of these courageous rangers, your support not only makes a tangible contribution towards their work in protecting rhinos and arresting poachers, but also reminds them that they are not alone in the daily fight against rhino poaching. 

South African donors: If you would prefer to do a direct EFT, here are the banking details:

Acct Name: Stop Rhino Poaching NPC
Bank: First National Bank
Acct type: Cheque
Acct number: 62348792517
Branch code: 251037

Reference: STROOP

STROOP - Journey into the Rhino Horn War' world premiered at the San Francisco Green Film Festival in September and is a multiple award winning feature documentary.

Click here for their latest screening dates. 

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