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Centre for Adolescent Reproductive Health (CEFARH) Foundation Uganda

Child sponsorship project is a project initiated by Centre for adolescent reproductive foundation Uganda to curve down the level of children going in street in norther part of Uganda after dropping out of school due to poverty and inability to facilitate the school dues by their caretakers.

Most of these children are discovered from the street others are orphan and from totally poor family, the project always picks these children from the age of 3 and groom them through provision of better education, parental guide, survival skills and all that needed for a promising child in the community.

We approach things differently, focusing on initiating change from the outside in. Forming long-term partnerships with everyone who impacts a child’s life, whether it be members of their family, community, nation, the wider world, or generous sponsors like you.

We also transform a child’s world using an inside-out approach—empowering children at the grassroots level to be active participants and change makers in their own lives. This unique two-pronged approach has been proven to have an effective and long-lasting impact on vulnerable children, whether or not they are directly sponsored.

Centre for Adolescent Reproductive Health (CEFARH) Foundation Uganda
Elwa Rd,Barapwo,city west,lira city
Telephone: 0200909060
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