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Special Wings Foundation

The Special Wings Foundation is a unique charity. For over six years, we have been assisting special needs children across Johannesburg with education and therapy.

Education is crucial for any child’s development. But the next stage of our charity work focuses on what comes after school.

We have big plans. Special Wings Foundation is working to develop a gift shop and café, where children and young adults with disabilities can socialise, train and work. A place where we can transform the lives of young adults and develop their futures. A place where we can help them to build confidence, social skills and independence. A place where anyone can feel safe and a part of our community.

We’ll run a café with a tea garden, serving refreshments and light food. And we’ll house our established gift shop here, where we’ll continue to sell our well-loved, handmadeproducts. We’ll also host volunteers, focusing on young adults who’d like to complete their community service hours.

So, why do we need you?

We can’t build our dreams on ideas alone. We

need the support of businesses and communities to turn our ideas into a
reality. Our initial focus is on finding the ideal location, so we can begin to
put our business plan into place.

Your sponsorship and donations today will help build the lives of young people tomorrow, and for years to come.

We have the chance to change the lives of young

people, for the better. Will you be a part of it?

Special Wings Foundation
1107 Penning Turn, Wilgeheuwel
South Africa
Telephone: 0832712492
Registration #: 115-275NPO
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