Join SOSAD Ireland at The Vhi Women's Mini Marathon 2023!
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SOSAD Ireland

This year, on the Bank Holiday Sunday, 4th of June, we invite you to join SOSAD Ireland at The Vhi Women's Mini Marathon 2023!

In 1993, 9000 legends set forth in Ireland's first Women's Mini Marathon. 40 magical years later, we ask you to come add your own magic! On June 5th 2022, let's join together again, in person, in solidarity, in friendship, to celebrate everything the Women's Mini Marathon, or WMM, stands for - Welcome Myth Makers, Winners, Medallists Marvels, Women Making Millions - and show that while we stand for so much, we never stand still.#WomenMakingMagic #VHIWMM 

- Vhi Women's Mini Marathon

SOSAD Ireland rely solely on Donations, Fundraising and Grants to fund the service. Any donation no matter how big or small is greatly appreciated as your generosity and support allows us to keep delivering our life saving service to the community. Your donation, can contribute towards funding: a crisis phone call, crisis intervention with a support worker, professional counselling, keeping the office open, helplines and much more. 

We work towards breaking the stigma of suicide and creating a community safe from suicide. Supporting those who are suicidal, those who are going through life's challenges, and those who have been bereaved by suicide.

In 2021 across our services:  

- We increased our intake by 37% on 2020 figures with a total of 807 new clients.

- From which, 37% were suicidal, self harming or had suicidal ideation

- 27% were suffering with depression/low mood

- 25% of clients presented with anxiety as their main issue

- 10% of clients received support for bereavement

SOSAD Ireland
30 Magdalene Street
Telephone: 0419848754
Registration #: 20067328
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