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SOFT Ireland is appealing to the General Public for a small donation to help us continue our work. Fundraising and donations are our main source of income and that is very challenging in these difficult times. Let’s spread the generosity and we will keep it featured on an ongoing basis just in case you forget or didn’t get a chance.
While most people have 23 pairs of chromosomes, some have a condition that causes extra partial or full chromosomes in their cells. Those extra chromosomes can cause a range of health problems, learning difficulties as well as delays in physical development. We  hope to raises awareness about trisomy conditions and the challenges these conditions may pose to individuals and families, SOFT Ireland provide support during pre-natal diagnosis, during the child’s life and after the child’s passing.
Support Organisation For Trisomy (S.O.F.T.), a national registered charity, is a voluntary group dedicated to providing support, assistance and information to families of children diagnosed and born with Patau’s  Syndrome (Trisomy 13) and Edwards’ Syndrome (Trisomy 18).

S.O.F.T. Ireland provides support by :

Providing information e.g. “Patau’s Syndrome T13 Edwards’ Syndrome T18 Pre-Natal Diagnostic Support and Information Leaflet” and “Why Our Baby?” Book
Putting families in contact with one another
Funding home and family support
Funding respite assistance
Funding bereavement counselling
Publishing regular newsletters
Organising family gatherings and arranging professional speakers
Raising funds through various events
Linking with S.O.F.T. organisations worldwide

SOFT Ireland
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