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The Cape Leopard Trust

Snares pose a serious threat to biodiversity in the Western Cape and this illegal hunting method is inhumane, indiscriminate, and able to capture a wide range of species. Animals caught in snares can be seriously hurt or maimed, particularly following a prolonged struggle to escape. It is essential that response time and stress for animals caught in snares are kept to a minimum, and an organised response by skilled professionals is required to assist injured animals efficiently and in a manner that is safe for both the animal and humans involved.

Snare Free is a collaborative network of conservation, animal welfare, and volunteer organisations providing a coordinated response to snared wildlife incidents in the Western Cape, as well as improving training, data collection, and awareness to combat the prevalence of snaring. The Western Cape Snare Response Plan has been compiled as part of the Snare Free project, with the aim of achieving streamlined reporting, emergency response, and follow-up for animals caught in snares.

This ground breaking initiative will protect the Cape’s iconic wildlife and the landscapes we all share. Snare Free requires collaboration between multiple stakeholders and access to a wide variety of resources to respond swiftly and effectively to animals caught in snares. The Cape Leopard Trust is the core partner facilitating Snare Free, yet donations will be utilised and distributed to support this collaborative initiative as required. Your donation will contribute towards facilitation time, snare awareness training events, communication costs, vet fees, fuel, and equipment. 

We can all be changemakers for nature, join us and pledge your support!

Find more information on the Snare Free website

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