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Just Footprints Foundation

Just Footprints Foundation is asking you, the amazing warm hearted and generous public, to support our interactive and fun “Share your favourite camp meal” campaign by donating R100 in South Africa or to our Camp Footprints friends wherever you are in the world $20, £20, €20 (we would be thrilled if you donated more) towards our cause.

We are asking YOU to Give so that WE can Give back!

Rope in the family to come up with their ‘fav’ camp meal, get together on Youth Day, video your event or a pics of your menu and by donating to our campaign know you will be providing nutritional meals to our campers at our now ‘Camp-Unusual-At-Home’!

Just Footprints Foundation offers children with serious health and life challenges and disabilities, unique life-changing experiences that help these children reclaim their childhood, restore hope for the future and renew their sense of possibility. Our camp programmes are more than just fun. They are always free of charge and are purposefully designed to foster independence, resilience and personal growth, helping children reach beyond the limits of their medical conditions and life challenges and experience all that life has to offer. Our campers are encouraged to be fearless, to escape and fantasize, and to enjoy being just children once again.

‘Camp Footprints’ had scheduled 10 camps for 2020 to host 500 campers with cancer, HIV, orphaned, vulnerable and disabled in the Western Cape, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Gauteng and planned to train 250 young adults as camp crew to join in the fun and games of camp to support our campers. Unfortunately because of the unprecedented Covid19 pandemic, lockdown, government health and safety regulations as well as the risk to our beneficiary camper community, who because of their already compromised immune systems are more susceptible to this Corona virus, Just Footprints had cancelled our prewinter camps and with unpredictable times ahead postponed others into the foreseeable future till camp is safe once again for our camper beneficiaries.

Very sadly, our 2020 campers will be unable to participate in our fun, memory-making on-site camp experiences. So Just Footprints has been busy developing and implementing innovative ways of connecting with our camp crew, our community of campers, their families, hospital staff and beneficiary organisations and providing opportunities for engagement, learning and exposure to our camp concepts, traditions and values. Using new methods and platforms, the Just Footprints Team are offering alternative ‘Camp-Unusual-At-Home’ programming options to keep the spirit of camp and a future of possibilities alive and to encourage our Camp Footprints camper family to continue flying the flag high in these times of severe and undue stress.

Just Footprints Foundation
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