Roger Rojas Birthday Celebration
R 4,280
Raised in South African rand
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The Edmund Rice Justice Desk

I truly believe my life has a massive purpose in this beautiful world, which is to find those who need assistance, who don't know where to get it, and to do everything I can to help those in need. Bringing the right resources to those who never have a chance is really important to me.

What I do WANT is for my friends to come together with me to serve these amazing kids in South Africa.

Please consider donating to The Justice Desk and help to support all the amazing work they do. I am an Ambassador for this organisation because I truly believe in the amazing work they are doing. 

Please join me as we do something incredible together in celebration of my life - by making a change that I promise will change how you see life.

The Edmund Rice Justice Desk
12 York Road
Green Point
Cape Town
Cape Town
South Africa
Telephone: 0606271963
Registration #: NPO:186-262 PBO:930074734