Ranger Assist Programme
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Ranger Assist Programme’

It is a common knowledge that one of Africa’s most iconic species and one of the famous “big five,” the African Rhino is under a tremendous threat from the poacher’s gun. Our rhino species have become so vulnerable.

SANParks Rangers who dedicate their lives to the protection of this natural heritage of the country are equally facing the same threat as the rhino itself. Individuals who joined SANParks because of their love for conservation management are now finding themselves have to spend all their time fighting rhino war and wildlife crime in general in the bush instead of managing the environmental integrity.

The rhino war is putting a lot of strain on SANParks resources due to the unending and expensive needs for equipment as well as the technology to effectively fight the poaching scourge. More often the needs are much higher than the available budgets in the organisation, and as such additional funding in a form of donor funding is always sought in order for SANParks to keep the Ranger on top of the game in terms of the rhino poaching war. The greatest need of them all is for SANParks to be able to protect the Rangers who stand between the rhino and the poacher at all times because the day that one Ranger is going to be lost in this fight, the poachers would have won the battle. SANParks will therefore appreciate any assistance that can come to the organisation to strengthen the Ranger’s ability to continue the fight against the heavily armed poachers who traversing our National Parks with one thing in their mind and that is to kill a rhino or a Ranger who stands between them and their target.

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