Fundraising for Pump for Peace
CHF 102,484*
Raised in Swiss francs
*Includes CHF 68,643 raised off platform.
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Pump for Peace

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No matter your race, gender or religion, cycling has the power to unite communities around the world, Pump for Peace was founded on this belief and that by making the sport more accessible we can help promote a more tolerant future.

Velosolutions has been building pump tracks around the world for over a decade and throughout that time they have witnessed the ability pump tracks have to transform communities and lives by making cycling more accessible. Whilst, of course, they are amazing fun for all, pump tracks have the power to unite communities, instil passion, make cycling more accessible and promote a healthy and active lifestyle and Pump for Peace became the Velosolutions way of contributing to creating a better world for all.

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Pump for Peace
Via Stenna 4
Telephone: 0041819111212
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