Pristine Pathways Constantia
R 4,500
Raised in South African rand
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Pristine Earth Collective

Constantia has always prided itself as a model area or suburb. Over the years we have seen threats to the environment and properties with litter and crime in various hotspots. A measured and inclusive approach is necessary to address these issues.

We are proposing a solution using an inclusive employment model whereby staff will be cleaning and patrolling the valley to clear away litter and monitor any suspicious activity. They will be highly visible and accountable.

A reciprocity model will see us employ trusted staff from nearby Gugulethu based on our established relationship with the community and one day of the week they will clean in their own area.

Monitoring and reporting are paramount to the success of this project, as we will implement structures to not only improve the environment but also create exposure for local businesses and other organizations.

The project will not only be providing employment (80h/week) but also cleaning up the environment in both Gugulethu and Constantia.

A collaboration between ourselves, the CRRA, CW, FOCB, and the City of Cape Town will ensure the sustainability of the program. We can achieve this with the support of local families and businesses who want to see the valley remain a desirable area to live in and a premium tourist destination.

High visibility and consistent reporting will ensure good coverage for brands looking for exposure to the local B2C/B2B market.

We need your support to make Pristine Pathways a reality in Constantia!

We are seeking MONTHLY contributions. 

No amount is too small! For as little as R50 per month from households and R500 per month from businesses, we can make this proposal a reality.  

As a registered NPO/PBO we can issue an S18a tax Certificate to offset at year-end.

Pristine Earth Collective
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