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Caring Cancer Trust

Malignant disease detection is increasingly more possible, thanks to Animal-free Cancer Research but there are still some Cancers with as yet no known cure or low survival rates. Animal-free Cancer Research is increasing our understanding of how silent viral infections, lifestyle, diet, genetic predisposition and environmental pollution lead to many Cancers.

By Identifying hitherto unknown cause-and-effect relationships scientists can limit exposure to such carcinogenic factors or devise prevention therapies to suppress their effects before a Cancer develops.

We seek:

Childhood Cancer Prevention through Animal-free Research and Analysis of newly discovered microbe roles in the causes of Childhood Cancers.

The creation of new therapies for pre-cancerous and early stage Childhood Cancers.

Heightened Childhood Cancer symptom awareness by Parents and GPs.

Lifestyle, Diet and Environment change for Children’s Cancer Avoidance.

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