Pristine Pathways Sea Point (Litternets)
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Pristine Earth Collective

Pristine Pathways is a Pristine Earth Collective program with a reciprocal, inclusive employment model whereby the staff work to keep an affluent suburb clean four days a week, and then they then clean in their own area one day of the week. 

The Sea Point Project entails 2 staff, Phakamisa and Alakhe, cleaning and maintaining litternets installed on strategic stormwater outflows along the Sea Point coastline. These nets intercept post-consumer waste before it washes into our oceans. The teams also clean along the beaches between the nets, since much litter washes up or is blown onto the beaches. 

The team then cleans dumping hotspots in Gugulethu, their home community, one day a week.

This project does not only provide employment (80h/week) but also cleans up the environment in both Gugulethu and Sea Point.

Pristine Earth Collective
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