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Little Eden Society

LITTLE EDEN Society cares for 300 residents with profound intellectually disability, lovingly called “Angels”.

Due to their profound intellectual and physical disabilities, our Angels need specialised bedding. Most have to be turned two to three times a night to ensure comfort and to prevent pressure sores. The more restless sleepers run the risk of suffocating if a suitable pillow is not used. 

The memory foam pillows that these precious Angels need do not only provide #SoundSleep but are safe, hygienic and take on the shape of the owner.

Your gift of just R200 towards the #Pillow4Angels #SoundSleep campaign gives you an opportunity to give #SoundSleep to one Angel.

We aim to raise a total of R61 200 by 30 November towards 306 specialised pillows for our precious Angels. This campaign is part of the bigger bedding project where we want to provide specialised mattresses for each of our Angels to ensure their comfort and contentment.

We LOVE HAVING FUN! So why not join us? Each time you make a contribution towards the #Pillow4Angels #SoundSleep campaign, post a photo of yourself, with your face painted, on any of our social media platforms (Facebook,Instagram, or Twitter). Your face painted post is a declaration that you are officially a #SoundSleepSupporter.

We have dared our CEO, Xelda Rohrbeck, to have her face painted once we reach our target of R61 200.

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Little Eden Society
79 Wagenaar Road, Edenglen
South Africa
Telephone: 0116097246
Registration #: 001827NPO
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