People From Farms Forums (PF3's)
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Rural Legal Trust (RLT)
- People From Farms Fora/ Forums (PF3s): Establishment, development and supporting provincial and local organising of farm workers, farm dwellers, labour tenants, and the evicted (both legally and illegally), as well as their people-driven endeavours in demanding their rights. We identify farms around which threats and evictions are reported and begin to raise awareness of the rights of mainly farm workers. This is done through information sessions where dialogues are encouraged and critical engagements with laws that affect people from farms are discussed. A series of these processes create an enabling platform for the emergence of leaders among people from farms, leading to the democratic nominations of "People from Farms Representatives". These PF3 representatives receive intensive training over a period of time, after which they are deployed back to farms where they work to advance the mission to raise awareness among not only farm workers on farms where they reside but including neighbouring farms. The same process is repeated in many other areas throughout the country until a spread of People from Farms Forums is established. These Forums are led by PF3 representatives in all matters that concern people from farms. It is the Forums therefore that drive local organising, including campaigns and policy dialogues. - Provision of legal services for People from farms: The above people from farms forums and their fellow members are also provided free legal services where mediations and litigations where possible are carried out on their behalf. This service provides people from farms with a legal support base that stands on guard should any threat to their human and socio-economic right arise. - Monitoring of Public Service provision: Both the people from farms themselves and the Rural Legal Trust, along with its Partner Organisations monitor service provision by government structures including local municipalities. Principles of Public Participation are as a result implemented in favour of people from farms. - Lobbying: The Rural Legal Trust participates along with the others in policy development processess that wish to ensure tenure security of people from farms. We also make presentations at conferences, meetings and any relevant platforms where the plight of people from farms need to be raised.
Rural Legal Trust (RLT)
3A Eton Road
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South Africa
Telephone: 27114821311
Registration #: IT2270/2000
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