Help us build one South Africa for all
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Democratic Alliance

You can help the DA by contributing little more than a coffee a month. All we are asking for, is monthly contributions from £/$/€ 5 which will help us to build an inclusive and better South Africa.

Your donation will help us to:

  • Fight to unseat the ANC 
  • Rebuild the country and grow the economy
  • Protect the constitution and land rights
  • Fight corruption and crime
  • Strengthen a racially inclusive society in South Africa

We are bringing change that builds one South Africa for all. One where a DA-led national government puts our people first and delivers quality services, providing all our children with the skills they need to find good jobs.

Your donation will go towards providing an alternative for all South Africans, fighting for the constitution and liberal rights for all, including the ongoing battle against racism and corruption.

If you are in a position to give an additional monthly amount – no matter how small – please set up your regular donation now to help us reach our goal.

Remember, you can also contribute from abroad by voting in the elections or volunteering for the DA Abroad. Please email us at for more information.

One nation with One future built on Freedom, Fairness, Opportunity and Diversity for All

    Democratic Alliance
    2nd Floor, Thebe Hosken House
    c/o Breda and Mill Streets
    Cape Town
    South Africa
    Telephone: 0861225532
    Registration #: 011-895