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Gondwana Alive

Martin Prozesky 2022

Rise, great Sun of Africa,
Bright Star that gives us day.
Rise in us, Sun of Africa,
That truth may light our way.
O rise, O evermore, evermore rise.

Burn, warm Fire of Africa,
In every hearth and home.
Burn for us, Fire of Africa,
Wherever we may roam.
O burn, O evermore, evermore burn.

Fall, O Tears of Africa,
Loved land of so much pain.
Fall from us, Tears of Africa,
Oft shed, but not in vain.
O nevermore, nevermore fall.

Beat for us, Heart of Africa,
Loved land of lake and plain.
Beat in us Heart of Africa,
Flow in our every vein.
O beat, O evermore, evermore beat.

Live in us, Soul of Africa,
Much hurt, you will retain.
The caring heart that lets you
Inspire our lives again.
O live, O evermore, evermore live.

From Cape and the Thukela,
To Nile and Timbuktu,
In earth’s first human homeland.
Great Motherland, for you
We sing this soaring tribute
Great Motherland for you!
Great Motherland for you!


John Anderson, co-founder of Gondwana Alive NPC and associate professor at Nelson Mandela University, stresses Africa's importance as the birthplace of humankind and the cradle of life on Earth. Unfortunately, human activities have led to a significant reduction in the diversity of other life forms, resulting in the Sixth Extinction. To combat this issue, Anderson established the Gondwana Alive Society in 1999 and launched the "Towards Gondwana Alive" volume to promote biodiversity and stem the Sixth Extinction.

Anderson and Maarten de Wit launched the Africa Alive Corridors project in 2013, with the goal of narrating Africa's holistic biography via a network of 20 corridors with 20 heritage nodes in each, covering all c50 African nations. The AAC book is set to be published soon. Anderson encourages people to unite and become co-custodians of over 4 billion years of irreplaceable heritage. Gondwana Alive, now a Non-Profit Company, is pursuing this vision through the "Next Gen GA" initiative.


The "Next Gen GA" initiative is led by Dr Tracey Phillips. The vision is to promote dignity for all life on Earth using an Africa-centric approach, with the Africa Alive Corridors as a framework, with stories that cross borders, biomes and cultures, and a Song for Africa to inspire and unite us. The value of Next Gen GA lies in its ability to foster collaboration between pivotal organizations to explore and bring Africa Alive Corridors to life in the hearts and minds of humanity, and to guide and support Earth Stewardship that deeply values, restores, and makes sustainable use of Africa’s rich natural and cultural heritage.

Next Gen GA's vision of bringing dignity to all life on Earth through an Africa-centric approach using Africa Alive Corridors as a framework, holds immense promise for building a better future for all species. The initiative aims to establish a strong institutional foundation, share the stories of Africa Alive Corridors, build fellowship, set up structures and systems, and support grassroots Earth Stewardship of Africa’s rich natural and cultural heritage and traditions.


Next Gen GA is looking for visionary funding partners to see the potential in Africa Alive Corridors and support us to bring our vision to life. Its a big vision for a critical time on the planet. If you are interested in helping to bring the extraordinary Africa Alive Corridor vision to life please contact Dr Tracey Phillips on or make a donation through our Given Gain platform. Large or small you will make a difference.

Gondwana Alive
Village Hub, Corner Watsonia and Main, Scarborough
Cape Town
South Africa
Telephone: 27815721131
Registration #: 2009/005440/08