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A family friend, a dedicated military professional transitioned to an assault brigade when the Russian attack began.
In November 2022, I received a distressing call - he was severely wounded while pulling out forces awway from the area of the expected artillery strike.
It's kinda easy thing to do if you happen to have a communication of any sort, but if everything is shut off - got to do things in person.
Good news - over a hundred lives were saved.
Not so good news - he bumped into the russian tank, and after a brief encounter ended up unconciounes in the middle of the battle field.
Do you remember those guys he was trying to save? There we go, carma is a round object - they got out themselves, and managed to grab him along the way.
After complex evacuation (separate story, hope one day i can write about it too, it's a movie-quality content):
He had to undergo a difficult amputation and lost his leg. However, his indomitable spirit remains intact.

We have located a suitable knee replacement, but the cost is approximately $150,000. While we managed to raise half of the amount from relatives and friends, we still need assistance with the remaining half.

Any help, big or small, will be immensely appreciated. If you wish to contribute, please use the form right of this page.

In gratitude for your generosity, the biggest donors will receive exclusive video and picture updates that we are not yet able to publish publicly.

Thank you in advance for your kindness and support.

Warm regards,
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