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Mongabay is an award-winning, nonprofit environmental science and conservation news organization uniquely positioned to provide original content in a frequent (daily outputs), objective (does not advocate), accurate (relies on facts and scientific information) and timely manner to a global audience of conservation scientists, private-sector decision-makers, government policymakers, civil society organizations, journalists in other media outlets, and interested members of the public.

The principal areas of Mongabay’s coverage include: 
- the intersection of human rights and the environment;
- governance issues around natural resources extraction and management;
- news and analysis relating to ecology and species; and
- threats to environmental defenders including Indigenous peoples.

Rhett A. Butler founded in 1999 out of his passion for tropical forests. He called the site Mongabay after an island in Madagascar.

Today, Mongabay has grown into one of the world’s most popular environmental science and conservation news sites. Mongabay delivers its news and information in 10 languages, prioritizing coverage in regions facing acute socio-environmental threats. A vast network of 800 individual contributors from 80 countries who are locally based are best to identify, understand and report on complex issues.

Mongabay adds considerable depth and relevance to these stories through innovative use of digital media tools including video, podcasts, data visualization and social media to engage a wide range of audiences. Our reach is greatly amplified via syndication, and is commonly used as an information source by mainstream media, including The Economist, Bloomberg, National Geographic, and the Associated Press. Mongabay is also widely recognized as an accurate and trust-worthy source by civil society organizations as well as development agencies.

Generating Change Through Journalism
Mongabay addresses known information gaps, accounts for complex social dynamics, and enables information to flow to intended audiences in order to:
- promote an enabling environment for a wide range of communities, often working in isolation on the same set of issues;
- generate real on-the-ground impacts, ranging from awareness-raising to identifying the most meaningful and effective conservation strategies, to providing timely information to critical decision-makers; and
- scale reach and influence via publishing information that is free and open for republication, resulting in dozens of outlets using our stories in several languages.

Across multiple languages and platforms, this journalism reaches millions of monthly readers, including key audiences that shape policy and influence global trends supportive of a sustainable future. Please, donate to Mongabay now to enable impact-driven, objective news, investigations and analysis that would otherwise go untold.

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