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Abraham Kriel Bambanani

Most of us are blessed with some lovely memories made possible by our MOMS!
Unfortunately, the babies, toddlers, scholars, teenagers and students in our care need somebody like YOU to provide that magical moments-feeling loved, protected, encouraged, nourished, comforted, empowered and supported.

We strive to provide all of this at Maria Kloppers Campus and JMECDC and we NEED YOUR SUPPORT to offer them: 

-10 Safe baby cots 

-Baby products 

-Foam carpets (flooring to learn walking) 

-Safe playground at JMECDC

-Speech and occupational therapy 

-Smoke alarms and batteries 

-Security guards and 24-hour response 

-Grade R school fees 

-Training for caregivers who are keen to enhance toddler's development 

We believe that with YOUR HELP we can afford our kids the love, care, support and protection any loving mother would afford her child. 

Abraham Kriel Bambanani
P.O. Box 60066
c/o Marais and Kamp street
South Africa
Telephone: 27118393058
Registration #: 001-173 NPO
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