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Matt and his running partner, Lucas Carr, started running together in 2012. Since then, they have participated in 10 marathons and a number of other road races. Along the way, they have raised money and awareness for some great organizations. However, they always had the intention of one day running for their own foundation.

Matt suffered a spinal cord injury during a high school hockey game in 2010. Since the very beginning, Matt had a support system that made facing a diagnosis such as paralysis doable. However, over the years, Matt has seen individuals facing the same challenges that he and his family faced, but with no support system. Knowing how important a support system is, Matt knew he had to give back.

Matt launched the Matt Brown Foundation in June 2020, right in the middle of the Covid pandemic. Launching, and trying to grow a foundation in the middle of a pandemic was not the easiest thing by any means, but his support system gravitated over to support the foundation when he needed it the most.

This past fall, the foundation had two bibs in the October Boston Marathon. It was the first time that Matt and Luke were running for the Matt Brown Foundation, something they set out to do many years ago. Matt’s friend since childhood, Marykate Galvin, joined the team with the other bib for her first marathon! The day and the campaign leading up to the run was an overwhelming success.

Although it is a quick turnaround, the foundation looks to keep the momentum going right into April! Joining Matt and Luke this time, is Jessica Rooney. Jess met Matt and Luke in 2013, while the three of them were running the New York City Marathon for the Leary Firefighters Foundation team. Since then, the trio has stayed close and are so excited to take on Boston together!

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