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Did you know that the price of a book, or a shortfall of a couple hundred dollars can mean the difference between a lifetime of poverty or an opportunity for a successful career?

Did you know that this choice happens hundreds of times a year in our community?

Did you know how easy it is to give someone a chance?

My name is Bill Westerman, a Wellesley resident the President of the Wellesley Rotary Club. Most of our residents are aware of the first-class colleges, Babson, and Wellesley, in our town. However, the college that sits on the edge of Wellesley is often overlooked. But MassBay Community College is also a first-class educational institute, it just serves a different demographic. Its demographic is made up of many students that are challenged by marginal income or needing a second chance. Many of these students work while attending classes and many make choices between buying a book, paying tuition, or purchasing groceries for themselves and family. Inflation has only made their decisions more difficult.

The rule at the college is that a student cannot sign up for the next semester unless their previous balance for the purchase of course materials or tuition is paid. Often the balance due is between $100 and $700. Once they sign up, they are eligible for scholarships and other programs.

The college has raised funds in the past for their scholarship and student aide programs. The Balance Scholarship program was in-part a recipient of those efforts. However, the pandemic had decreased the college’s ability to raise funds and the Balance Scholarship program sits depleted.

The Wellesley Rotary Club is engaged in an effort to raise funds to help out. We ask you to help in our effort to keep students in school and have an opportunity for a better life. The timing is critical. Because once a student stops their education many never return.

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