Martial Eagle Protection Fundraiser 2023
R 1,432*
Raised in South African rand
*Includes R 1,000 raised off platform.
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Selati Wilderness Foundation NPC

A Martial Eagle pair has successfully bred on Selati for a number of years. The purpose of placing a real-time camera at the nest is to document the Martial Eagles breeding biology including, behaviour, incubation, chick development and fledging, prey selection, and post-fledging dependence on the nest.  Incidental nest observations have been recorded previously but thorough documentation of a breeding cycle from nest reconstruction to post-fledging has not been undertaken anywhere. A significant advantage of the technology to be used to collect images is that there will be no disturbance at the nest during the breeding/fledging period.  All images will be collected by a camera controlled by a Raspberry Pi computer programmed to send the images remotely by wifi.  The camera will be powered by a solar-charged battery which will not need to be visited for the duration of the breeding event. The nest is vulnerable to predation even though it is 24m up in a Knobthorn tree. It will be necessary to protect the solar panels, battery, and computer equipment from possible damage by inquisitive elephants, rhinoceros, buffalo, lions, and the chick from leopards. To prevent this, a perimeter electric fence is envisaged.

The images collected we be analysed and interpreted by specialists.  In addition, the environmental students visiting the Eco-training centre on Selati Game Reserve will be able to study the images during their training. The results of the research will be made available through the Selati Wilderness Foundation NPC social media sites.

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