Mandela Day - Feeding our communities
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Raising Hope SA

This Mandela Day you too can have an impact and make a difference, and you don't need to be in South Africa to do so!  We are raising funds while also collecting tinned and dried food items to assist families who are fighting poverty while also supporting families who are living with a disability.

Many families experience daily hardships just going about everyday activities.  One such example is a family who are in need of assistance in Fisantekraal, Durbanville.  This young man was left paraylsed from the neck down and bedridden following a motor vehicle accident.  He has lost his wife and child, and is now living with his unemployed parents in a small one-bedroomed home. Seeing his face light up knowing they have food for a few more days and hearing him talk about how one day he hopes again to be a contributing member of his community is just one of the amazing families we serve.  

You can help us help more families. R350 provides a Hamper with staple tinned and dried foods for a month. Help us drive for difference - let's take away a family's worries so they can focus on meeting their other needs.

Raising Hope SA
3 St Lucia Street, Nerina
South Africa
Telephone: 027749346279
Registration #: 176-282 NPO