Leave a Legacy of Thriving Life from Eden to Addo and Beyond
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Eden to Addo Corridor Initiative

We are all feeling the unravelling of our living systems as we lose species at alarming rates, our rivers are choked and polluted and our weather seems completely out of whack. These systems are our life blood and our survival depends on them, but there is also an overwhelming feeling of "What can I actually do about it?" Well we have a high impact solution for that! By contributing just R100/$5 (or more) monthly to our on-the-ground work of connecting nature reserves and national parks through natural corridors of land and life you will be making an enormous difference in the protection of rare species, from tortoises to leopards to almost extinct tiny succulents as well as the functioning of the ecosystems that give us fresh water, clean air and healthy soils. By taking action you can leave a legacy of thriving life for your children and all the generations of species to come. 

For the love of an elephant we are linking land, biodiversity and people for the benefit of all life. The greater vision of Eden to Addo is to connect three major protected areas: Garden Route National Park, Baviaanskloof World Heritage Site and Addo Elephant National Park through living nature corridors along which animals can move and migrate as our weather patterns change. Isolated nature reserves and parks need to be connected to allow for this essential flow of life and freedom of movement to keep a wide range of species alive and thriving. The last remaining Knysna forest elephant is testament to what happens when animals are cut off from their ancient migratory paths and confined to smaller and smaller areas due to human activity. We work on the ground with farmers, landowners, communities and partners opening up the flow of life again through nature stewardship, connecting the dots and linking land while fostering sustainable livelihoods and job creation through hikes, trails and ecotourism. 

So join us on this journey as we restore thriving linkages on the landscape enabling the natural flow of life and healthy living systems for us all. Your monthly contribution will be highly impactful in restoring the essential conditions conducive to life for your self, your family, your community and all who live and breathe in this exquisite eden we all share and call home. 

Leave a legacy of thriving life and set up a monthly contribution to our critical corridor work now.

[Your contribution is tax deductible and you can contact us for an 18A Tax Certificate.]

Eden to Addo Corridor Initiative
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