Team LCF's 2021 Boston Marathon Team
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Last Call Foundation

Last Call Foundation is proud to be an official partner of John Hancock in the Boston Marathon Non-Profit Program for the 7th year in a row!
The new Boston Marathon Date is October 11, 2021 which, as it happens, is
Michael Kennedy’s 41st birthday.
The Last Call Foundation was founded in honor of fallen Firefighter Michael-Ryan
Kennedy, who along with Lieutenant Edward Walsh died battling that infamous nine-
alarm fire, March 26, 2014 in Boston’s Back Bay.  The Foundation was born of the
determination to ensure that tragedies such as that one never happen again.
The Mission of the Last Call Foundation is to provide funding, education and
research to advance the safety needs of the firefighting community. Through the
determination of Team LCF Runners, and the generosity of their donors, Last Call
Foundation has been able to award grants to fire departments across the
Commonwealth for a whole host of issues such as:

Last Call Foundation is currently funding research at Tufts University to enhance
the ability of firefighters to both see through smoke and be more easily located in a
burning building. Last Call Foundation is also funding research to help firefighters
through PTSD at Massachusetts General Hospital, and we are funding Team Boston
Fire’s Pan Mass Challenge which is now funding a Fellowship for job related cancer
research at Dana Farber.
At LCF we continue our efforts to keep the rank-and-file firefighter educated and
informed with the latest information, through a program funded by Last Call
Foundation and developed by DetecTogether specifically for firefighters. The
program teaches firefighters in cities and towns across the Commonwealth early cancer detection and prevention, as well as how to work with and advocate for themselves
within the medical community.
Last Call Foundation Supports Firefighters Participation in Establishing and
updating Safety Standards. This program offers the financial support for firefighters to
participate in the travel required of members of NFPA Technical and Standards Making
Committees. It is time for NFPA Committee Membership to be adequately represented
by the fire service, the people for whom the standards are established to protect.  

Please visit to see an in-depth list of LCF’s accomplishments.
Last Call Foundation is committed to identifying and addressing safety challenges
and to enhance every firefighter’s ability to safely and effectively fight fires and protect each of us.

Last Call Foundation
138 Oak Street
United States
Telephone: 6177550054
Registration #: EIN 46-5415002
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