Laptop for Ethiopian library
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South African Institute for Distance Education

African Storybook (ASb) is proud of its Champions Strategy which comprises individual literacy activists spread across several African countries. These Champions incorporate in their work the use of ASb books and tools, and support libraries, schools and literacy initiatives in their countries to do the same. One such Champion is Mezemir Girma, a lecturer in the Department of English and Literature at the Debre Birhan University, Ethiopia. Mr. Girma set up the unique Ras Abebe Aregay Library in Debre Birhan, a town in central Ethiopia. In 2016, Saide donated to the library a laptop and a data projector which Mr. Girma uses to project storybooks from the ASb website on a screen to read with and for hundreds of children from the town and from surrounding primary schools. Unfortunately, after seven years of service, the laptop no longer works. If we raise $1500, we can obtain a new laptop for the library. In his own words, Mr. Girma says, “We are an oasis of reading in this town of 130,000 people. With your kind support, you can help us educate the young generation.”

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