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Friend of mine, let's call him Joe, back in March/2022 asked me to get him an IOTV armor set. Gen 3 he said.
Taking aside that he was asking for a miracle (had hard time finding generic armor plates; and over here he needed full on armor set):
I've done it. Found one. Proper size too!!

Best $1200 spent in 2022. Ever.

On the 30'th of October, around ~7pm I received a phone call.
"Joe is 300. Heavy."
300 in army terms means - injured. Heavy translates into the bad one. Like, not cut your finger bad. Like missing a leg bad. But good news is - Joe was alive.

Cut the story short - on his day-to-day duties, he bumped into a russian tank.
Tank is no more. So would be Joe too, if not the IOTV thingy I got him back in March of 2022.
Talk about butterfly effect, huh. This stupid set saved a life.
(i'm going to skip the piece what his wife told me; and he told me after he called his 3 y.o daughter);

Back to our thing.

Not everyone out there is lucky enough to have such a set.
Not everyone has the moneys to buy one too.

So objective of the exercise, is to raise as much as we can, and get as many IOTV sets as we possibly can. Let's start with 10. 10 is a good number. 10 IOTv sets by $1200 a piece = 12k.
If we manage to succeed - let's keep going and get another 10. And another. 
That translates into human lives. Which is kinda cool on it's own.
Thank you kindly in advance for your participation.
Everyone appreciates it. Seriously.

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