*UPDATE* Build the first ever Non-Profit food factory.
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Inani Start Well Foundation NPC

**UPDATE - 21 July 2021**

**We cannot thank you enough for helping us build the first-ever NON-PROFIT for factory!
After 3 years of hard work... We have built the first-ever Non-Profit Whole Foods Factory in South Africa! The Inani StartWell Foundation's vision to build the first not-for-profit food factory in South Africa has been full-filled. Production at the Springs (Gauteng) plant commenced on the 1st of July 2021 with the sole purpose of manufacturing high quality, nutrient-dense meals served via feeding schemes to children from poverty-stricken communities in South Africa. Our non-profit business plan enables us to sell the premium-quality StartWell Meal to feeding schemes and other social development organisations at entry-level prices. We will keep this campaign open. All new donations coming in will directly go to children in need.**

We are building a NON-PROFIT food factory with the sole purpose of manufacturing nutrient-dense cereals served to children from poverty-stricken communities in South Africa. Our non-profit business plan enables us to sell premium-quality cereals to feeding scheme organisations at entry-level prices.

Our biggest hurdle is securing funding for purchasing the processing plant. Due to the low profit margins, traditional financing institutions are not interested in assisting us with loan funding. We have already secured 65% of the required capital and need your assistance to make our dream a reality.

Why is this particular project needed for the children of South Africa?

Did you know that most children who grow up in poverty-stricken communities have full bellies, yet empty bodies? Have you heard about the ‘silent hunger’ condition? Every morning, feeding schemes and non-profit organisations serve millions of instant breakfast cereals to children in poor communities. Often this would be the only meal a child enjoys per day. 

To keep meal costs low and feed as many children as possible, these instant cereals consist of maize meal, sugar and salt. The nutrient-poor, sugar-rich instant cereals leave the children’s little bodies lacking the proteins and nutrients required for their foundational growth phases. The result is childhood stunting. 

Stunting is an irreversible condition and impacts a child’s ability to learn, develop and ultimately grow to their full potential. This needs to change, and with your help we can bring that change!

What is our game plan?

The non-profit whole foods factory enables us to create and sell premium-quality, instant cereals at pioneering low costs. Existing feeding scheme organisations can purchase substantially better meals at equal or lower prices than what they currently do.

Inani’s meals are:

  • Designed with the goal to give poverty-stricken children in South Africa the very specific growth nutrients they require on a daily basis
  • Made up of various wholegrains (maize, wheat, oats and sorghum), various legumes (chickpeas and peanuts), various dried dairy products (whole milk powder, buttermilk powder, whey protein powder), only 4% sugar addition and fortified with selected vitamins and minerals
  • Super tasty and found highly desirable by children.

Our Mission:

  • To help eliminate childhood stunting – the sad result of ‘silent hunger’.
  • With your help we can change the future of the next generation and those to follow.
  • We have also partnered with several influencers and other foundations who all believe in this project and are all eager to see this campaign reach its intended target.
  • Individual contributions are key to the successful funding of the non-profit food factory. 
  • If you are a company making a donation, we can supply you with an 18 (A) Certificate immediately. 
  • If this project excites you – please have a look at the option to be part of the Life Altering Game Changer!

Partner with us to give our children nutritious meals and an even brighter future! Every child deserves a chance at a great future. Let’s stop silent hunger and stunting together!

Inani Start Well Foundation NPC
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