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Leaders, Educators, and Parents (LEAP)

Imagine1day in partnership with Education Above All – Educate A Child Program has recently launched “Leaders, Educators, and Parents (LEAP): A Project for Education through Community Mobilization.” This will be Imagine1day’s third project in partnership with EAA-EAC. The previous two projects enrolled over 93,000 out-of-school children in Oromia and Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

The specific goal of the LEAP project is to “contribute towards increased access to equitable and quality primary education for children through enrolment and retention of 63,428 OOSC”. 

The project will be implemented in 431 schools, including 21 new builds, and will directly impact; 337,140 primary school-age children, 3,017 teachers, 1,293 Parent Teacher Association members, 431 school principals, 10,510 community leaders

The project is set to benefit over 1.25 million people.

Adihaye (Tigray Region)

Although the community of Adihaye had a school that had been built in 2003, it had not been well-constructed or maintained. Due to the challenges of access and the low quality of education, enrollment was low, with about 60 percent of the school-age population out-of-school. In partnership with imagine1day, the community mobilized education for both boys and girls in the community, resulting in the enrolment of over 300 new students. Adihaye School now consists of new structures, a water point and materials, which, along with teacher training and educational programming, are greatly improving the educational experience for all students and increasing school enrolment.

Adimealsinom (Tigray Region)

In Adimealsinom, due to the lack of access to education and infrastructure in the community, coupled with students having to travel an average of 10 kilometres to get to school, enrollment was low and about 40 percent of the school-age population were out of school. The school lacked a proper water source and latrines, and students were learning in very basic open-air classrooms. Through a partnership between imagine1day and the community, a new school block was constructed with classrooms and supporting facilities, and a clean water point, allowing students up to grade 5 to attend classes.

Awash Kolati (Oromia Region)

With classrooms made of sticks and mud, learning conditions in Awash Kolati were challenging. Awash Kolati is one of the coffee growing communities in the district, with a large portion of the population living in absolute poverty, making it incredibly challenging for the community to improve access to quality education. Since partnering with the community, imagine1day has completed solid infrastructure including classrooms, a library, a water point and gender-segregated latrines.

Gora Bantu (Oromia Region)

In Gora Bantu, classrooms are made of sticks and mud, which are often damaged by flooding during the rainy seasons, putting a halt to classes. Because a large portion of the population lives in poverty, it is challenging for the community to improve access to quality education. To address these barriers, imagine1day partnered with the Gora Bantu community and is currently building a new school that consists of two blocks of eight classrooms, one library block, gender-segregated latrines and an ECE classroom.

Community Driven Primary Education for All Initiative

Made possible through a partnership with Educate a Child, imagine1day has recently completed a bold and innovative three-year project to enrol over 56,000 out-of-school children in Ethiopia into primary school. Completed in December 2018, the project impacted 260 schools across districts in the Tigray and Oromia regions, with a focus on access to quality education through school construction, capacity building, training programs, and the provision of educational materials and supplies.

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