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The Hike 4 Rhinos expedition, which was the brainchild of Jo Devenish, was aimed at raising awareness on the plight of the rhino that continue to be killed for their horns. In her quest to help make a difference, the funds raised will assist with counter- poaching training and in caring for orphaned rhinos.

Despite all the odds and in trying to ensure the continued survival of this threatened species, Jo Devenish’s exciting and arduous Pacific Crest trail began on 27 April 2017. The trail is 2,650 miles or 4265 kilometres long and stretches from the Mexican border, near the small town of Campo in Southern California; to Manning Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada.

The route travels through 25 national forests and 7 national Parks, most of it through protected wilderness area. It traverses scenic and pristine desert areas and mountain ranges in California, including the Sierra Nevada Range; and the volcanic Cascade Range in California, Oregon and Washington States.

Despite the many challenges faced on her journey Jo’s five month hike, which essentially ran from the Mexican to the Canadian border, progressed well. On 30 September 2017 she arrived at PCT monument, the landmark which signified the end of her gruelling journey.

When asked what kept her going, she said, “A love of wildlife and wild places, seeking out adventures sometimes filled with solitude and adrenaline and an overwhelming need to try and help preserve our endangered species, especially rhino which are being killed at an alarming rate of three per day.

We can only salute men and women like Jo who are taking initiatives to try and make sure that our natural resources are conserved for future generations. This is especially relevant when the illegal demand for wildlife products such as rhino horn keeps growing thereby fuelling the rate at which the world’s wildlife is being decimated.

This page is set up for those who have made pledges towards the expedition, and for everyone willing to help in raising funds towards the cause.

For more information visit http://www.hike4rhinos.com/ or http://www.wildlifecollege.org.za/

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